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What's New at Mache Custom Kicks

3/16/14 We've made some updates to our "In The News" section, check it out!

1/17/14 - All kicks sent into MCK's must be in DS or near DS condition. Any questions, feel free to contact us!

8/17/13 - Due to the growth at Mache Custom Kicks we have made a few adjustments to our "How To Order" page and "FAQ" page. Make sure to check them out before ordering. Thank you! - Mrs. Mache

7/23/13 - All custom inquiries MUST go through the "request consultation" page on the Mache Custom's site. Also please make sure you write in your correct email address, that is the only way to get a response. Thank you! - Mrs. Mache



7/13/13 - Head on down to Mercer Street in NY and cheer on Mache at the Nike Mercer Stickball Classic!

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6/25/13 - Mache participated in the Nike Mercer Stickball Classic training day. 
 BeFunky rsz 1153ed552-1ad1-41ce-8794-9a62458c1349wallpaper.jpg



6/7/13 - Mache Custom Kicks would like to welcome Angelus Direct as a sponsor. To order paint to start your own customs visit, www.angelusdirect.com Make sure to tag @Mache275 with pictures of your customs!

BeFunky Rough Draft Mache.jpg

5/21/13 - Get your tickets now! Mache will be giving a lecture at the Bata Shoe Museum as well as revealing something huge! Follow the link to purchase, http://www.batashoemuseum.ca/events/index.shtml#20130530_mache

sig image resize


4/24/13  - If you liked the LebronBoutins then stay tuned because this summer we are releasing two variations of it. More details to be released on instagram at a later date. 




rsz 1img 7525      rsz 1img 7527

Nate Robinson wearing his Mache Custom Jordan 13's in the playoff's. Thanks Nate, look forward to working together in the future.


A word from Mache

Thanks for dropping by the site! As the customs scene has grown there are a lot of customizers out there to choose from. I know it's a tough decision to pick one to make your special pair and I appreciate your decision to check me out! I have learned and evolved over the years! mache-sig Once you get a pair of my shoes in your hands you will see why I'm considered one of the best

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