How To Order

Step 1: Fill out the “Request Consultation” form on the Mache Customs site.

When we receive that “Request Consultation” form we will email you back to discuss your custom idea. (Response time is not immediate, so please be patient.) **Please make sure your email address is correct before hitting submit.

Step 2: When we email you, together we will come up with a custom design and the best base shoe to use. (In most cases the customer is required to provide the shoe)

Step 3: Once a design is agreed upon and you are ready to place the order, you may request an invoice from Mache Custom Kicks.
(All invoices are left active for 1 hour, if they are not paid within that hour then they will be canceled)

Step 4: After payment is made, you can ship your shoes to the address located on our invoices (All shoes must be shipped with a tracking number and all shoes must be in DS or near DS condition). Once the tracking status on your shoes says “delivered” you are welcome to contact us to confirm.

** Since there is currently a 5-6 month wait from the time payment clears, feel free to email us any questions/concerns between the time the order is placed and the time Mache begins work on your shoes.

Step 5: We will contact you through email when your package is on the way.

Request Consultation
Much like hiring an artist to create a piece of artwork for your home, please consider the same when contacting us to create your custom footwear.

Only serious buyers should contact us about a custom pair of kicks, prices are non-negotiable and final. There are no average prices because each custom design is different. We base the prices similar to how a tattoo artist does, the more time and work, the more money.